As an ArgoUML contributor I'm going to blog my activities here, so that they may draw interest by other developers or help other developers when doing tasks similar to what I've done. AND(!) the grand vision that makes an Argonaut what he is, TO THRIVE IN THE BIG DANGEROUS WORLD, TAKING THE Argo TO A GOOD SHORE ;-))

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Support for reverse engineering of C++ code in ArgoUML

ArgoUML C++ module – next step: adding reverse enginneering

I previously identified reverse engineering of C++ code as the step to take after having the unit tests infrastructure going. So, now this is the path to take. I'm going to create a new issue for this and start looking into how this is done for java and in the java_rte module.

But first of all, I must create the issue - #2947!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The start of the journey

I'm a contributor to ArgoUML. While working in the project, there are a lot of thoughts and details that I write in my programming handbook that could be of use to the developers community. This blog was created to make these notes public so that others may benefit from them. It is also a possible way to draft and publish articles about some of the activities in which I participate.

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