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Thursday, February 24, 2005

C++ reveng drop 1 replanning

The grammar has problems. To be able to debug it I need to build ANTLR for debugging. How will I do this? Well, it isn't obvious from the docs...

One thing is obvious, this wrecked my initial plan... Now I must re-plan taking this new challenge into account.

2nd plan for C++ reveng drop 1

  1. Learn how to make the ANTLR parser for debugging and build one. – Estimated Effort (EE) 4 Mh; Short Name (SN) ANTLR parser 4 debugging
  2. Debug the C++ grammar and make it pass the tests. – EE 20 Mh; SN Fix the C++ grammar
  3. Commit the result of this work and send it to Yolanda. Update the issue. – EE 3 Mh; SN Commit, Yolanda and issue
  4. Send a working vanilla version of the grammar to the ANTLR list and announce its use within the ArgoUML project. Provide feedback as appropriate. Automate the adaption of the files in the module build script. – EE 5 Mh; SN Send grammar 2 ANTLR list
  5. Update the model to reflect the new package and the grammar use and design a bit on the C++ reveng module. Generate the realization of the designed classes. – EE 8 Mh; SN Module model update and realization of interface
  6. Close the circle, by making the module support reveng of preprocessed C++ files. – EE 5 Mh; SN Finish module support of reveng
  7. Enjoy and celebrate the achievement! Go back to planning next steps. – EE 4 Mh; SN Plan next steps

The drop 1 plan is now inserted into Process Dashboard, as a sub-task of the issue work.

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