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Monday, February 06, 2006

htmled revisited – Handbook entries to blog posts automated

I'm again revisiting my idea of developing automation for transforming content developed in my handbook into Argonaut's-life blog posts. The way I blog until now is seriously flawed, in that it does not follow the feeling that these entries are actualy made in the moment. This is the truth, with the catch that I will only put them in the blog when I'm online and in a batch way. It gives the wrong feeling to persons reading it and I must change this.

But, alas, to change it I must automate a bit and it is here that the problem begins. The high level requirements are identified here, although I'm now less ambitious and just want to automate the transformation of the content of my programmer's handbook entries into Argonaut's life posts.

Details of my handbook entries:

  • I write in a daily oriented way, always starting with H2 tag and with standard european date format – yyyy-mm-dd.
  • As stated previously the entries are written in a last in goes to the end manner.
  • The handbook is made of several HTML files, all in the same directory.
  • I also include several pictures that are stored in the handbook directory.

I would be happy if in a first step, the converter simply creates single posts out of the handbook entries. The end result could be a group of posts, structured around a directory tree of dates/posts. I may put the content by hand in the blog and the pictures in my website. One problem is the post title. Here I would choose to use H3 level tags. These are the normal heading level within the daily entries.

The automation makes also some formating that satisfies blogger requirements, such as one HTML post must be all within one line. It must fix my handbook intra-links into links that work in the blog, etc.

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