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Monday, November 06, 2006

Automating the svn update and build process of ArgoUML

As for the majority of persons working in open source projects I get to work only some 2 or 3 hours in ArgoUML at a time. When I start working I like to get up-to-date with the current trunk of ArgoUML and its projects. This is a process that takes normally about 20 minutes and includes:

  1. svn update of all checked out projects of ArgoUML
  2. build and run the tests of all relevant (for me) projects
  3. check the results and fix problems (this isn't needed normally :-))

The first and second steps are easy to automate, just create shell scripts that contains the individual updates and build commands.


svn update argoeclipse
svn update argouml
svn update argouml-andromda
svn update argouml-classfile
svn update argouml-cpp
svn update argouml-csharp
svn update argouml-gen
svn update argouml-idl
svn update argouml-python

<dir_for_co>\build.bat [Note that this isn't working yet, help would be appreciated!]:

cd argouml\src_new
build package alltests
cd ..\..\argouml-cpp [fails here, this step isn't executed]
build tests
cd ..

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