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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Argonaut's life lost its images

My previous e-mail and static web hosting provider (zmail) was discontinued by its parent company Zsystems.It was a pitty because at the time it actually worked, they were ahead of Google in what concerns advanced functionality – 10 GB of space for shared services such as e-mail, static web hosting, XFTP (important in Portugal because the internet service providers have international traffic ceilings).It seamed to me that they even had some non-portuguese customers paying 12 euros per year.

It is a common lack of vision and courage over here not to invest in such a popular and front runner service.They probably were a bit scared when Google started to be a no-cost competitor, but, for a person like me their service offering isn't yet equaled by Google or by any other service provider...

Alas, now the Argonaut's life blog has no pictures. I'm considering my options for placement of this kind of content, but, I would like to improve my online presence a bit, like having a CV online as well as references to this blog.

So, if you were wondering why these pages have no carefully crafted diagrams from ArgoUML, here, you now know why!

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