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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Improving the usability of htmled

I have to improve the usability of my htmled Python module! Currently I have to do something like this:

>>> from htmled import *
>>> hbf = HbFile(open("c:/luis/documentos/cadernos/programacao/ficheiro04.html"))
>>> pe = PostExtractor(hbf)
>>> from datetime import date
>>> posts = pe.getPosts(date(2006, 12, 1), date(2007, 5, 1))
>>> print posts[0]
### here a pretty print of post 0, easy to copy paste into Blogger will be available
>>> print posts[1]
### ditto for post 1

I'm not very put off by having the python shell as UI. It is comfortable for me and I like its feeling as much as other more normal persons like their GUI applications such as ArgoUML. But, there are some things which I could easily optimize such as not having to write the name of the Handbook File, just select which Handbook I want to make blog posts from. Another thing is to have the posts immediately available for selection with an easier way to specify.

In addition there is a nasty bug in the parser, which includes the original Handbook File footer into the last post. These are sufficient reasons for an additional iteration on htmled. I'll plan for it as soon as I finish some stuff in the ArgoUML C++ module I've been working on in the past weeks.

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