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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Past and near future development activities in the C++ module

I didn't progressed much in the development of the C++ module during 2006. It was a fire fighting year in terms of my day to day job and I invested a lot of time and energy in getting the fire down and (IMHO) trying to get a rightfully deserved raise in salary. Alas, I'm now in a different job, but, lets talk about the progresses (humble, but, nevertheless some) in the C++ module...

The main problem I worked on was the fact that the C++ notation was gone by mid of the previous year. I think that in ArgoUML 0.22 it wasn't available. So, I worked on fixing it for ArgoUML 0.24 because I hate regressions!

Some minor bugs were found (4, 5, 6, 7, 4541), some of them were fixed (5, 6), there is a request for enumeration support (not yet done), etc.

Now, my main focus is in getting an old issue fixed and unify the handling of special TaggedValues in the generator and reveng modules into the UML profile for C++. This is turning out to be easier than I expected due to the improvements introduced during the last year into the model sub-system. I'll simply put the UML profile for C++ (UMLprof4C++) into the C++ module jar, load it into a separate model and use its services from the generator, reveng and ui modules.

Many hard coded values for TaggedValue names are going away, the code of generator and reveng modules will deal with similar problems by using common services and the users will have an easy way to import the full UMLprof4C++ Stereotypes from the C++ Settings. And I think that now that I have more energy to devote to ArgoUML this will be available for 0.26.

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