As an ArgoUML contributor I'm going to blog my activities here, so that they may draw interest by other developers or help other developers when doing tasks similar to what I've done. AND(!) the grand vision that makes an Argonaut what he is, TO THRIVE IN THE BIG DANGEROUS WORLD, TAKING THE Argo TO A GOOD SHORE ;-))

Monday, November 12, 2007

My promotion to core developer

I was promoted to core developer by Linus Tolke and I believe in agreement with the other active core developers – Bob Tarling, Michiel van der Wulp and Tom Morris. I'm very happy about this and it will be motivating to start working more often in the core of ArgoUML.

Tom sent a very warm welcome message to the developers mailing list. Specifically for my part he refers two features I'm keen to get involved into, the profiles and the support for parameterized classes and UML templates in general. Well, I was already involved, but, now I'm much more motivated to work directly in the core to advance these two features. These are central for ArgoUML to be a good basis for C++ model driven development, which will continue to be my main focus for the future.

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