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Saturday, March 08, 2008

ArgoUML's repository restructuring

ArgoUML core is undertaking a repository restructuring and I'm working in adapting the argouml-cpp build to the new structure.Issue 4625 is where the requirements for the changes are documented and there has been some dev mailing list activity on this. Linus Tolke is heading the effort.

We want to keep two build mechanisms:

  • Plain Ant build via command line and without eclipse.
  • eclipse based build, being the idea for this to make easier for new contributors to start.

I have been adapting the Ant build file to the new structure, but, I had some problems with making it work for both purposes. The big issue is to generate the source files from the ANTLR grammar. In the end we figured out a good way to do it and it is now documented in the ArgoUML cookbook.

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