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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Design sence – deep lessons in software design by Michael Feathers

I watched Michael Feathers' talk Design sence – deep lessons in software design, and I what follows are my notes for future reference.

  • Software normally has a characteristc of being driven by power laws.
    • The shape of java – research project that studies the source of both open source proprietary projects in Java.

  • Everything is an object or may be considered as such.
    • Smaltalk – everything is actually and object.
    • Ruby – it goes a long way into almost everything being objects.
    • C and other procedural languages may be considered as object oriented if you consider the whole program as an object.

  • A type is a set of values. Covariance and contravariance.
  • You can't make software more correct with redundancy.
  • Protection is a social problem and not a technical problem.
  • There are no requirements. There is only design.
  • Design by laundry list.
  • Names are provisional.
  • Physical architecture shapes logical architecture.
  • Physical architecture can influence the kind of problems we are able to solve.
  • Conway's law.
  • You can finess error handling with good design.
  • Error policy is as important as the main line.
    • Keep errors at the boundaries or handle errors at the boundaries of the system.
    • Null object pattern.
  • Logging is a first class design consideration.
  • Databases are good for more than storing data.
  • Objects want to be asynchronous.

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