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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A multiple languages REPL in ArgoUML

Sub-project of ArgoUML that provides a base REPL infrastructure to enable and easy development of multiple language REPLs for ArgoUML. I would make one for each of the dynamic languages modules that exist. Even for the C++ module or other non-dynamic languages modules a special purpose and convenient REPL could be interesting if it contained the interesting imports for interaction with the model. Modeling at the REPL with Common Lisp (ABCL), Clojure or Jython, what a dream!

I'm trying to embed ABCL in ArgoUML, opening a REPL in Emacs, but, because my SLIME setup for ABCL is broken, I'm having difficulties. The idea is to try to develop interactively a ETL from a UML1.4 model into a UML2.2 model to make it easy to update the profiles from UML1.4 XMI into UML2.2 XMI.

One possible solution would be not to use Emacs and SLIME. For instance, I could reuse Netbeans REPL. Since Netbeans already has Jython and JRuby support, I could try to port those easily into ArgoUML.

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