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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Idea for Git demo: show its power for sweeping changes in SISCOG-UTIL and CREWS

At SISCOG we are using Git as a development tool, but, not as the official version control system. I was challenged to make a demo / presentation on what would be the changes to the processes and working methods if SISCOG was going to use Git.

One idea I had recently was to show what Git could do if I need to change CREWS in a more automated and integrated way, so that I might have an easily mergeable branch of CREWS and SISCOG-UTIL, how would I proceed? Would Git solve the problems easily? How could I demonstrate this?

Showing off the power with defsystem to ASDF migration? How would that give them the thrill of power? Try, don't be shy to fail and earn time, quality and satisfaction.

Para convencer alguém eu tenho de mostrar o que é possível
e não como lá chegar!!!
Eu tenho de estar mais com as pessoas
e só assim as poderei motivar.

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