As an ArgoUML contributor I'm going to blog my activities here, so that they may draw interest by other developers or help other developers when doing tasks similar to what I've done. AND(!) the grand vision that makes an Argonaut what he is, TO THRIVE IN THE BIG DANGEROUS WORLD, TAKING THE Argo TO A GOOD SHORE ;-))

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

htmled ready for production use!

After a while working on this I think I will be able to make my blog update based on the current status of htmled. It processes correctly this Handbook file, being that I even found and corrected some errors in the HTML with it. As stated previously I'm using Test Driven Development (TDD) and using the Process Dashboard to track time and defects. It was fun, mainly because I used Python, TDD and knew very well the requirements ;-).

Mainly I hope it improves dramatically the readability of my blogging. I'm not following full commercial blogging rules, but, heck, I don't intend to earn money with this, just publicize properly my playground.

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