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Saturday, July 03, 2010

More ideas about htmled

htmled, my Python hacks to automate conversions of the contents in my handbooks into posts in my blogs received some recent attention, but, I still have plenty of hitches with the overall process. Follow two quick ideas for future improvement.

The handbook editing part (creating the content in HTML) is too hard; solution might be a specific mode in Emacs customized for editing HTML with specific functions to accelerate the creation of structural elements or using a base format that can be processed afterward to generate the proper HTML.

Editing in Emacs is way superior than in the HTML browser. I wonder if it would be possible to embed Emacs as the editing component of multiple lines text fields. Extra bonus if you could put a served Emacs frame as the editing component.

ArgoUML tests issues

Update ArgoUML tests to JUnit 4.x – issue created

This idea now has ArgoUML issue 6100.

Issue 6085 is also moving forward.

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