As an ArgoUML contributor I'm going to blog my activities here, so that they may draw interest by other developers or help other developers when doing tasks similar to what I've done. AND(!) the grand vision that makes an Argonaut what he is, TO THRIVE IN THE BIG DANGEROUS WORLD, TAKING THE Argo TO A GOOD SHORE ;-))

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I've finally been able to restart working in ArgoUML! The module is in the new Subversion repository, and I tried to follow the instructions to checkout with eclipse. It was after several failures that I got back to the good old command line and in 1:30 hours it was checkout (argouml and argouml-cpp) with my tigris user, built and unit tested.Here follows the steps:

<dir_for_co>>svn co --username USER --password PASS argouml
<dir_for_co>>svn co --username USER --password PASS argouml-cpp
<dir_for_co>>cd argouml\src_new
<dir_for_co>argouml\src_new>build package
<dir_for_co>argouml\src_new>cd ..\..\argouml-cpp
<dir_for_co>argouml-cpp\>ant tests

Then point your browser to file:///<dir_for_co>/argouml-cpp/build/tests/reports/html/index.html and check if all is well. Note that I had to use Ant directly, because there is something wrong for me in the way the BAT files are working.

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